Allow me to be a fool christianpoetry

Allow me to be a fool;
Provide to a buddy that never ever refunds
With him heading not a sorrowing
Split my fast during the night
Posting with a pot-bellied intoxicated
Without puncturing his food-filled belly

Let me end up being a fool;
Forgive the particular most heinous criminal offenses
along with no reference to ‘forgive but don’t forget’;
Unlearn the act of stating ‘No’;
Yes to our inconvenience and sufferance
When it’s in giving the helping hands

Let myself be a fool;
Develop a heart so huge it’s a foster house
For those religion, colour, position and age
Curl more than grenades of lies, mistreatment and hurt
In the bid in order to save my house

Let me become a mislead;
Be silent with regard to peacefulness
And Eloquent for adore
End the look for objective
And embrace love since my sole objective

Allow me be a mislead;
Travel miles on feet for adore
With simply no clue what to anticipate inside my destination;
Still traveling using a prior prophecy associated with doom of my vacation
Allow me to be a mislead for adore
Let myself live and die regarding love

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