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A Secret spot

Posted by appolus on June 1, 2019

The Church can’t be a religious theater where paid men perform for the religious entertainment of the general population who pay them. The Church is a gathering of reclaimed individuals who have been gotten out and they are called by His own name. Additionally, He is removing from the world a people for His name, and time pauses while elegance works. The Lord says He will get out of the countries a people for His name, and from that point onward, He will return. I will trust that. I am not going to give anyone a chance to contend me out of that. At that point our Lord will return, and when He returns once more, the central issue will be, would we say we are prepared for His coming? I don’t trust that we are consequently prepared. A Bride is currently being set up for our Lord, in a mystery place. The possibility that there is a programmed legitimate angle, that in the event that you have your citizenship in paradise, you are for the most part prepared, I don’t accept for a second. God won’t permit His animalistic, vulgar, cash adoring, delight looking for youngsters to go hurrying harum scarum, singing gospel boogie, into the nearness of the Holy God. Something radical must happen to shake them free from their animalistic hungers (A.W.Tozer)

Tozer was certainly talking prophetically there. He says something radical must happen to shake the congregation free from their fleshly cravings, from the hold that the world has upon them, from the pompous mentality that reveals to them that they are alright. God is a Holy God and He is searching for individuals who will look for first the Kingdom of God and His nobility. So as to do that we should be oblivious to the enticements of the world and the diversions that it causes. We should have a particular interminable mentality. The lives that we live should be lived with regards to the everlasting Kingdom of God. So what is this extreme thing that must happen that shakes the Church free from the holds of the world? I trust that this extreme thing is that the world itself rejects the Church and turns upon each one of the individuals who will not bow down to their divine beings. There is coming a separating line and on one side is dark and on the opposite side is white and there is no dim center ground. This may appear as though a judgment to the Church however it is in reality a benevolence from Heaven. This refining flame will be God appointed and its motivation will be to make the Bride prepared. Tozer says that there is a Bride being readied “in a mystery place.” Amen, I trust that. God has a remainder here and there the land and in pretty much every congregation and in each country. The opportunity is approaching soon when they will be gotten out. An unadulterated immaculate Bride got out from among the religious without any dividers of sections or obstructions of participation. They have a place with Christ Himself. One can possibly envision the gross murkiness of religious social events when the Lord Himself expels His very own from among them. The mystery spot is our hearts and the something radical is oppression… … .brother Frank

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