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Song 42:1 As the deer pants for the water rivulets, So my spirit pants for You, O God.

As the deer panteth for the waterbrooks so my spirit longeth after thee gracious Lord. It shouts out in a dry and parched land. Resuscitate me gracious Lord. Feed my spirit that appetites after sky nourishment, revive my soul that yearns for waters that stream from sky position of authority. I have tasted this nourishment, I have drank of this water. I am destroyed for the majority of life’s nourishment and every single other water are foul tasting to my soul. Master Jesus, you are delightful past depiction, to radiant to be sure for words. The minutes I have spent in your haven deny me of the majority of my words and render them all consummately aimless. I feel great words going through me, it’s in my very substance. When I am in your essence you infiltrate my very DNA. I realize that I can’t stay there for I would that I could never leave that place. Thus that I can continue living I should just abide there for a minute, yet goodness what a heavenly minute. It is these minutes that help reinforce me to persevere through everything for I realize that there will come multi day when it won’t simply be minutes any longer. Endlessness will stretch out its arms and usher me in and there will be the everlasting minute, the unceasing now, the interminable Lord my God. Furthermore, it makes me tremble even more when I understand that this spot of time everlasting, this continuous unadulterated nearness of the living God has not gone into the hearts of man.

No eye has seen nor ear heard nor soul encountered the full proportion of our God. It is well beyond human depiction or even creative energy. I arrive at the finish of myself and it excites my spirit to realize that at the finish of everything that at any point was, everything that has ever been or ever will be experienced by man is the absolute starting point of you. My spirit’s adventure into time everlasting renders every single negligible preliminary passing and light, I will consider them all refuse for the objective that is set before me. to be found in you. Gracious the superb marvel of a world that can’t be envisioned. You reveal to me gracious Lord that it has not gone into the hearts of man what you have arranged for us and I contrast that and the minutes I have spent in your quality and dependent on this by itself my brain is stumbled to a point that I can’t understand the start of what you have said. Today siblings and sisters, God is prepared to be experienced by the man or lady who has prepared themselves, who has an edgy hunger for Him, who might gravitate toward to Him. Do you appetite and yearn for the Glory of God? This incredible fortune is found by the individuals who constantly look for Him, implore today to God to give you such an appetite and a thirst.

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