These types of letters I write – christianpoetry

These types of letters I write for you Lord are tattered
Such as my heart now in pieces
And I know it sounds awkward stating this
However I have experienced so much change
Become unpredictable like the elements
I don’t even know my mirror anymore
I actually am stuck in this abyss,
Now Knocked out there by life, because I actually floored

Therefore i need an opening or a doorway
To escape into the happiness
To experience those instances I once reminiscence about
But my life seems like it offers gone southern
The walls of my soul comes crumbling down
My crown, I now wear with a scarlet gown
As well as your love, I actually have moon walked away from

Every morning, I actually drown in my own holes
And at evening fall I take pleasure talking about my concerns
I don’t understand how I have become
The stranger to you and my self
So I actually can simply hope my words rise to the skies like incense
As my prayer are littered all over those papers
I actually hope that when i dig through your word again to unearth my untapped goldmine
I pray that you should patiently build my trust again like a skyscraper

Keep me from being as loose as a kite blown by every wind and doctrine
Display me how to love again with great passion
So that your sophistication will be only music I continually play on my selection
As you teach me to walk on water again despite my flaw
I was sure then,
That My entire life will finally make sense again

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