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God has gotten His kids out of dimness into His grand light, the light of opportunity. Religion is the deadliest foe of Gods liberated kids. It spies out their freedom and looks for, with much persistence, to again subjugate and control them. In nowadays God is discharging an age to approach and live in the opportunity that He has called them as well. The shackles of the old religious frameworks are being uncovered and separated. It very well may be terrifying to start to have an independent mind and to stroll into open fields of opportunity having been so controlled for such a long time. So bound by that seat that you sit on, after a seemingly endless amount of time after year only an onlooker. Siblings and sisters you were called into a regal Priesthood. He who the Son has set free will be free in reality. Allowed to stroll with Him, liberated to be instructed by Him, allowed to hear Him, liberated to be coordinated by Him. Our call is an extreme one and it is to Jesus and Jesus alone. This is the place opportunity starts.

Numerous years back I was strolling in suburbia of Kansas where I live. Strolling through a rich neighborhood I saw gardens with carefully planted blossoms. A great deal of work had clearly went into them. They had a structure and had without a doubt been estimated precisely, every bloom planted the careful separation from one another. Each mortgage holder recognized what they needed and it had been accomplished. There was a regimentation in these greenhouses and they surely had some sort of magnificence. At that point I heard the Holy Spirit instructing me to look over the road. There was an enormous playing field. At the most distant end of the field was an open waste framework for water run-off and an enormous duct. All around this region was loaded with wild blossoms of different types. No hand had put them where they were. They were any place the breeze had blown their seed. It was really a radiant sight and had a marvel that was unmatched by the little controlled fighters all remaining to consideration, viewing from over the road, presently apparently ensnared and aching to inhale free.

Siblings and sisters, where are you? Did the breeze of the Spirit blow in your life? Did He lead and guide you to where you are currently? To be the place the Lord needs you to be and to be a piece of a greenhouse that the Lord Himself planted is to have ridden the breezes of the Holy Spirit. Can you simply stand and give up? Would you be able to give the updrafts of His quality and Spirit a chance to convey you? Would you be able to inhale free today? It is your claim and that opportunity from a devastating religious arrangement of control and man focused action was created for you on the grisly war zone of Calvary. To live in anything short of that opportunity is a disaster.

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