The most beautiful girl my experience taught smiled –christianpoetry

The most beautiful girl my experience taught smiled at me today
It has been a long class and I thought I was following till that smile
I have myriads of questions but I fear my mates might have a comic relief
So I try moving my shivering lips apart in an attempt to smile back
My grades are average so why the warmth in her smile?
My grades are average so I must be missing something a brighter student can point out
Soon after class, a tap on my shoulder, and I turn to see a pair of joy-flooded eyes
I can’t hold her gaze, my legs are trembling and I have a sudden urge to pee
I sit down, clamp my legs together with my hands between them
She appear to notice my discomfort so she pulls out my hand and holds
“What have I got myself into”, I think
Without mincing words she tells me she likes me and would want a friend in me
On the 3rd attempt at trying to talk and not recognizing my voice
I clear my throat plus all I can mutter is ‘okay’
I can change classes and ways and not see her once again but she has additional ideas
She walks myself home, my palm within hers
With each fun and chatter, I really feel at home
She shows tales too beautiful to become true about herself;
Identifies her thoughts of myself in ways my direct exposure have not afforded my creativity
I unpack boxes I actually leave packed because I actually was always on the particular move
Now I was home

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