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Posted by appolus on April 18, 2019

Dan 7:25  And he will express incredible words against the most High, and will destroy the holy people of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they will be surrendered to his hand until a period and times and the separating of time.

Holy people, we are living during circumstances such as the present. Regardless of which way you turn in this present reality, state the wrong thing and it can mean you work, your notoriety and your place in the public eye. The youthful Australian rugby player who was as of late expelled in light of the fact that he cited a sacred text that challenged to challenge the extraordinary brilliant calf of our day, homosexuality, is a genuine precedent. Homosexuality, yet transgenderism and different types of psychological sickness. I would love to disclose to you that things will improve however they are most certainly not. As Daniel says over, the forces that be are changing the occasions and the laws and the holy people for sure are being worn out by this. Daniel additionally says that we will we will be offered over to this for a period. Rev 13:7  And it was given unto him to make war with the holy people, and to beat them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations. You see there that John in the book of Revelation is affirming what Daniel composed. Given that reality holy people, it is crucial that we stand firm.

Daniel talks about when the holy people will be worn out. I trust the procedure of the holy people being worn out has just started. Times have been changed and wrong has turned out to be correct and truth, best case scenario, is relative. This is destroying the holy people as they battle to grapple with these quick evolving conditions. There has been a quick assault so to talk in the domains of the soul. Bargain and corruption has encompassed the holy people. We are a deterrent that sooner or later should be evacuated if the adversary is to have complete predominance. More laws will be changed and we will observer more trade off by Christendom

These are where it is fundamental that we discover our quality in Jesus. We should press into Him, we should stand under the shadow of the god-like. The time has come to be unashamed of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus. Truly you will lose companions, even Christian companions. Associates and family will discover you unsatisfactory as they are drawn ever more profound into the ocean of trade off and debasement. Be that as it may, listen siblings and sisters, on the off chance that we lose our saltiness, at that point what great would we say we are? In the event that we permit the light that is in us to end up diminish and we spread it, at that point what is our motivation on earth? In the event that the light in the beacon is turned of, at that point what great is the beacon? It would be a structure without a reason and endless individuals would suffocate in the tempest as they are squashed upon the stones.

It is life itself to know the King of Kings who sits upon the honored position and the train of His robe fills the sanctuary. He likewise is the Shepherd who takes us in His arms and conveys us when we are wearied. He never dozes and is never wearied and I adore Him. What’s more, when I look out for Him I can discover the solidarity to run and the exhaustion is left beneath as I am made up for lost time in the updrafts of His essence and I am conveyed up into His arms. Hold up upon Him holy people , we will discover our quality in Him. Try not to be enticed to stay quiet, talk reality in affection. The entire world is going legitimately onto the stones and its solitary expectation is the light in the beacons. We are that light and now like never before we should enable that light to sparkle forward into a dim world being devoured in a tempest of disarray and insubordination.

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