It’s true that when you look Up to the atmosphere – christianpoetry

It’s true that when you look Up to the atmosphere
You will see a bird or a aircraft
But what really occurs to you, what would enters the mind
If you think fast like the Flash
Will be a God who selected you from the garbage; bin,

Loved you with your entire Sin
His child took lash that damaged his back like warmth rash
Took spears to his side so this individual could bleed your thoughts off its ignorance
Produced you observe his light that you may make a round about of your life

And despite all of your hurt that might have cut you deep like a knife
Plus the strife you faced and falter,
He brings you grace and all of your failures he can alter
Will Make your body his Altar as your sight is fixed on his Word

You will soar like that bird
Become Batman when everyone around you only see Bruce Wayne
Then you will understand your efforts without him are Vain
And your Success story you can attain
If you just stay on the same lane with him,
He will give you power like you just work out in the gym
Make you a Star in his block buster film
But if you fail,

Blame your Eyes
Maybe, just maybe it advised your Mind wrong
Sees Failure when all he states is you are a success
Called you cursed when all he states is you are bless
But then, you can address your case like he did on that cross
As he took away your failure so he could add a dress of grace to your suitcase
That your tongue will only talk of his goodness,

For that will be the testimony you will attest to
So the next time you see Temptation or trials
Just Set your Eyes on the Hill
Take in his word like prescription pill
Then Chill,
Because your help is also staring you back in the face

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